Winter Checklist

  • Winter Watering

  • dormant pruning

  • property inpections 



Winter Watering 

Dry air, low precipitation, little soil moisture, and fluctuating temperatures are characteristics of fall and winter in many areas of Colorado.  Often there is little or no snow cover to provide soil moisture from October through March.  Trees, shrubs, and perennials under these conditions may be damaged if they do not receive supplemental water.  

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Property Inspections

Winter is a great time to have your property inspected by one of our Certified Arborists.  We can inspect your trees, access their health and put together a customized plant health care program to improve the health of your trees.

Dormant Pruning

Winter is a great time to prune your trees!  Pruning trees while they are dormant makes it easier for our arborists to view the structure of your tree and remove limbs that are defective and pose a risk to your property.  Certain trees (fruit trees, pines, American elms) can only be pruned while they are dormant to prevent the spread of insects and disease.

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