Spring Checklist

  • Plant health care

  • Spring Fertilization

  • Planting

  • deep root watering



Plant Health Care

There are a wide variety of plant health care (PHC) programs available.  Objectives of any PHC program is to increase the health and vigor of all you landscape plants (trees, shrubs, turfgrass, perennials). If the plant health is increased through the proper PHC program it can fight off many insect and disease problems on it's own.  Always remember proactive tree care is far less expensive than reactive care.  

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Spring Fertilization

Spring is a great time to give your plants the added nutrients they need to start the year off healthy.  Soils in our urban areas are often depleted of all the essential nutrients.  Supplementing your trees with fertilizer is one of the best ways to keep them healthy.    

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Spring is the best time to plant a new tree in your landscape.  There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the right tree for your particular location.  With a little research, you can produce a landscape that will provide lasting value for future generations.     

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