Shrub Pruning

Shrubs can easily grow out of control without routine pruning.  Spring and fall are the best times to prune your shrubs because the cooler temps allow them to recover better.  There are several different types of pruning:

Shearing - Using a hedge shears to evenly remove the outer growth of the shrub.  This will give a smooth, tight, formal look.  

Hand Pruning - Using a hand pruner to individually remove unwanted growth.  This takes more time but maintains the natural shape of the plant.  It also increases light and air penetration promoting interior growth for a fuller more health shrub. 

Rejuvenation Pruning - Hard pruning that cuts the shrub back to 6-12" above ground.  This doesn't work with every shrub but can be a good way to rein in shrubs that have grown too large for their location.  



Shrub Removal

Tall Timbers can remove the dead, declining, or unwanted shrubs from your landscape.  We can also help you select and install new shrubs that will improve the value of your property.