Winter Watering Tips


Quick Tips

• Trees and shrubs need supplemental water during prolonged dry periods during winter months to prevent root damage that affects the health of the entire plant.

• Water only when air and soil temps are above 40*F

• Mature trees have a root area equal to or greater than the trees height. The most critical part of the root zone is within the dripline of the tree.

Newly Planted vs. Established Plants

• Newly planted trees are most susceptible to winter drought injury than establish trees.

• Trees obtain water best when it is allowed to soak into the soil slowly to a depth of 12 inches. Methods of watering include: sprinklers, deep-root probe, or soaker hose.

• Apply water to many locations under the dripline and beyond if possible. Slow soaking or deep root watering is best to avoid runoff.

• Apply 10 gallons of water for each diameter inch of the tree. Ex) a 2 inch diameter tree needs about 20 gallons per watering.

• 1 watering per month us usually sufficient however, in extreme drought or windy conditions you may need to water twice per month.

• Install mulch around trees and shrubs can help retain moisture and improve the health of the plant.

• Shrubs benefit from winter watering from October through March. Apply 5 gallons two times per month for a newly planted shrub. Or 1x per month for established shrubs.

Remember: On average it takes about 13” of snow to equal 1 inch of water!

Brad Williams